Mobile Robotics Simulation Toolbox: Map Issues

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Vivian il 30 Ott 2019
Commentato: Pawel il 2 Ago 2023
How do I properly implement a map into the Object Tracking Model Example included in the Mobile Robotics Simulation Toolbox?
I keep receiving issues using the default parameters. I'm new to using Simulink and would greatly appreciate some guidance.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 12 Nov 2019
The toolbox will accept any binaryOccupancyMap or occupancyMap variable as the map (or robotics.BinaryOccupancyGrid and robotics.OccupancyGrid if you're on R2019a or earlier).
Anyhow, if you have any more specific steps and error messages, I'm happy to take a look.
- Sebastian
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Pawel il 2 Ago 2023
Hi I have a beginners problem too. Documentation doesnt help. Im trying to swap exampleMap in multirobot obstacle avoidance example in simulink. Following this tutorial: I created my own map with internal walls. I have changed call in World block to call my map and it shows robots on it, however they don't seem to see internal walls and are still bounded to old grid boundaries. How to fix it? Why cant i see example map file to examine the code? Pls help me.

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