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How can I remove or blank labeled pixels in an image with K-means Clustering to create a new image?

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Given an image named I, I used the imsegkmeans function to separate pixels into two labels:
[L,Centers] = imsegkmeans(I,2);
B = labeloverlay(I,L);
title('Labeled Image')
The input is this image of a strawberry:
Which gave me this output:
What the function does is, create a matrix of the same size of I and label pixels with numbers from 1 to N according to the N labels requested. Then, assign and colour regions according to their label.
My question is, how can I blank or delete all the pixels that were labeled 1 and leave a new image with the ones labeled 2? In other words, I want everthing coloured in light blue to get eliminated and become white, and produce another image with only the contents that were labeled in dark blue.
Thank you in advance.


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Accepted Answer

Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 7 Nov 2019
Hi, use rescale() and imbinarize() to segment out your Region Of Interest (ROI) except the background.
% Read your image here
I = imread(yourImage.png');
% K-means Clustering
[L,Centers] = imsegkmeans(I,2);
% Rescale the image to bring it in the range of [0, 1]
L = rescale(L);
% Binarize L to create the segmentation mask
L = imbinarize(L);
% Overlay L over I
B = labeloverlay(I,L);
figure; imshow(B); title('Labeled Image');
Hope this helps!

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