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plot the first sample with different color

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hello every body. i have a function called Fun which i want to plot the result. i wrote the line below and the result is attached.
now, i want to show the first sample in different color. for example the first sample in green and from the second to the end be red,
could anyone help me please?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 4 Nov 2019
Modificato: Adam Danz il 4 Nov 2019
hold on
plot(Fun(1,1)Fun(1,2),'.g') % if you want the first coordinate
% -OR-
plot(Fun(1:2,1)Fun(1:2,2),'.g-') % if you want the first segment
BTW, I'm guessing that Fun is just an example function name and that the real function name is more descriptive and unique.

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