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Pedestrian and Bicyclist Classification Using Deep Learning

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I tried running the code for 'Pedestrian and Bicyclist Classification Using Deep Learning' by simply running it on MATLAB online with:
But I get stuck on the 4th line of the demo:
[xPedRec,xBicRec,xCarRec,Tsamp] = helperBackScatterSignals(numPed,numBic,numCar);
Getting the following error:
MATLAB operation interrupted. Operation(s) taking longer than 295 seconds are not supported for this product offering.
Operation terminated by user during phased.FreeSpace/computeMultiplePropagatedSignal (line 196)
In phased.internal.AbstractFreeSpace/stepImpl (line 558)
[tempxp,propdelay] = computeMultiplePropagatedSignal(obj,x,ncol_per_path,...
In helperBackScatterSignals (line 103)
xBicCh = channel_bic(repmat(txWave,1,size(posBic,2)),posr,posBic,velr,velBic); % simulate channel
Could this be because I'm using MATLAB online? Any ideas what I could do to resolve this?

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Pujitha Narra
Pujitha Narra il 12 Nov 2019
Hi Arjun,
You are right. Using an installed version of MATLAB is a better choice in scenarios with heavy processing as you would then have a dedicated CPU.

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