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('tf' requires one of the following) "tf commend is not working" HELP PLS!

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this simple command doesn't work even though I've entered all commands correctly
thx for answers...

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M il 13 Nov 2019
Your code is right, but you do not have the required toolbox. The function tf is part of the 4 toolbox listed in the error message. You have to install at least one of them to use tf.

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Supriya Joshi
Supriya Joshi il 27 Lug 2020
%poles and zeros num=[1 4 3]; den=[3 19 27 35]; z=tf(num,den) %z1=roots(num) %p1=roots(den) [z1,p1,k]=tf2zp(num,den) pzmap(z)


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