how to change a 9 digit number to longitude?

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Adhivesh Khandelwal
Adhivesh Khandelwal il 15 Nov 2019
Risposto: Nicolas B. il 15 Nov 2019
i am supposed to plot latitude and longitude for the given data but longitude and latitude are given as 9-digit numbers and 8-digit numbers respectively. for example;
longitude 127065072 and latitude 37479232. i have a complete table filled with these kind of longitudes and latitudes. can anyone help me understand how to change these numbers to DMS and decimal degress for the whole table?
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Rik il 15 Nov 2019
My guess would be that it already is a decimal degree, but without the decimal point. Does your data make sense to you if you divide these numbers by a million?

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 15 Nov 2019
I don't see any "simple" method. I would recommand you to use the following idea:
% get each digit in char array
digits = dec2base(myNumber, 10) - '0'
% reconstruct degrees, second... (in char)
% transform back in numbers
degree = str2double(degree_char)
I don't know how works the longitude and latitude description. So I cannot help you more but you have the basic idea.


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