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How can I access a Matlab web app from another computer?

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I have developed a Matlab web app through the app designer tool and have published it through the Matlab web server application. Although I can access the file through the link generated http://hostname:9988/webapps/home/session.html?app=app1 on my PC (same PC as the server), I cannot access it from a different computer (not even in the same network). Do you know how I can generate a link that I can share with people outside my network? I am trying to avoid using Matlab Production Server if possible.
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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 20 Nov 2019
It sounds more like a networking issue than an application issue if you can see it from localhost. Check the following:
  • Check if your computer is running a firewall blocking port 9988, or a port range that excludes it. Firewalls can come from the OS, and some antivirus packages -- since 9988 is a non-standard port for http it might be mis-identifying it as malware.
  • Check if there's something on your network blocking it the port (e.g. a corporate firewall, etc).
  • Check to see if your hostname has a DNS record that resolves properly. You can find this out through tools like nslookup. It could be that there is no record, the record is out of date, etc. You can also try using the computer's IP address instead of the hostname to see if it works like that, e.g.


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