Adding RAM would it speed up the computations done by Matlab?

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I would like to know if adding RAM would affect the speed at which the computations are performed by Matlab. worth noting that I had 8 GB and I upgraded it to 16 GB, would it make any difference or the difference would be notable only for large matrices.
More specifically, I would like to know if I use tic toc functions with this configuration (16GB of RAM) should I expect a large difference with respect to the old RAm (8 GB).
Thank you very much for any hint.
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ME il 22 Nov 2019
Increasing your RAM will only really be beneficial for operations on large matrices. If you are struggling with the speed of a script that doesn't have any large matrices then your issue is more likely to be your processor.
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Miguel D. Martinez
Miguel D. Martinez il 10 Nov 2021
For example, if im working with excel files and matrices that are 125509x40 in size and running them through for loops and other computations, Increasing my ram would help right ?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 10 Nov 2021
125509*40 is about 80 megabytes. If you had 8 gigabytes you could have 100 of those. You probably do not need to have more memory for that.

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