How Change Matrix Shape / Setting

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Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo il 2 Dic 2019
Commentato: Juan Pablo il 2 Dic 2019
Hi, I would like to change the values of these matrix in a new array
A = First Column
B = Second Column,
So, I want to have these new matrix setting:
First Row = A(1,1);B(1,2);A(2,1);B(2,2);A(7,1);B(7,2);A(8,1);B(8,2), and so on with the other rows.
Thanks for your help guys,

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ME il 2 Dic 2019
Not necessarily a pretty solution but the below will do what you want for the given table. Should give you enough of an idea of how to adjust it for other examples too.
B = [reshape([A(1:2,1:2); A(7:8,1:2)]',[1 8]);reshape([A(3:4,1:2); A(9:10,1:2)]',[1 8]);reshape([A(5:6,1:2); A(11:12,1:2)]',[1 8])]
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Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo il 2 Dic 2019
Thanks for your help Jesus!

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