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standalone MATLAB executable question

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David Maynard
David Maynard il 5 Dic 2019
Can a standalone MATLAB executable built with R2017A on one machine install and run on a different machine that has R2017B ?

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 5 Dic 2019
that's not at all a problem. If you don't have the exact same MATLAB version with the compiler toolbox, than, you will have to install the required MATLAB Runtime. Than, it runs without using MATLAB itself, but the runtime.
Just a hint, checks that you are installing the latest MATLAB Runtime. The different versions really correct bugs (e.g. R2019a without Update was really buggy but works fine with Update 5).
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 5 Dic 2019
You need the Runtime that corresponds exactly to the version used to create the executable.

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