Finding a trendline from a scatter plot

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Benjamin on 9 Dec 2019
Answered: ME on 9 Dec 2019
Dear All
I need to find a trendline for a scatter plot(s) in Matlab. Unfortunately, my scatter plot(s) does not show a nice trend, or relationship between between my X's and Y. I want to know if Matlab is able to give me the best possible trendline that can be fit for that scatter plot or at least I try to fit different types of curves. Excel is able to fit a trendline (Liner, Logarithmic, Polynomial, and etc) having any scatter plot, but it seems Matlab cannot do that--at least using polyfit(X,Y,n) having n=1,2,...
attached is one of my scatter plots picture.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

ME on 9 Dec 2019
MATLAB can do this if you make your scatter plot and then in the figure window go to "Tools -> Basic Fitting". That will then allow you to draw a bunch of different data fits onto your diagram, output the residuals, output the formulae, etc.
I'm sure there is probably a way to call this all programatically but I don't know of it.
I know there are also fitting tools in some of the MATLAB licensed toolboxes, but I don't currently have access to any of those so I can't really be much help on those.
Perhaps somebody else might be able to help with the gaps here!

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