pm_hash - have values changed in recent version of Matlab?

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I sometimes use pm_hash to compute hash numbers across Matlab platforms AND across Matlab versions. For many years, this worked great.
However, I recently updated to Matlab 2019a, and I just noticed that the pm_hash('crc',X) values that are computed for a Matlab variable X are now changed.
Does anyone know when the change occurred? Probably this was later than Matlab 2017a, but I no longer have those versions installed. Have others found that this has changed also? Is this a bug or intentional?
Steve Van Hooser
Steve Van Hooser on 11 Dec 2019
No, it is presently part of the SimScape toolbox. On my system:
built-in (/Applications/
However, it has been really useful because it can accept a variable of any type. If I have a custom data type and a variable A of that type, I can call:
hash = pm_hash('crc',A)
and it returns a uint32 hash string based on its data.

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Steve Van Hooser
Steve Van Hooser on 6 Feb 2022
This does not answer the question as to whether the pm_hash has changed, but there is a decent replacement for pm_hash (which does not require Simulink/Simscape) is described here:
followed by

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