Trying to change colours on the the same plot, but getting error message 'There is no b property on the Line class'

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I am trying to create a plot which has all of the values negative values below 0 in red, and those positive, above 0 in blue.
However when I try to do this using 'b' for blue and 'r' for red, I am met with the message 'There is no b property on the Line class'
Unsure of where I'm going wrong if someone could please assist
figure((iSubject-2)*100 + (iTest-4)*10 + (iGroup-2))
title('lower back')
positiveIndexes = 2 >= 0;
negativeIndexes = 2 <= 0;
hold on

Accepted Answer

ME on 11 Dec 2019
The issue with your plotting command is that matlab is interpreting the 'b',1 part as a pair of commands (i.e. ste the property named b equal to 1). At present the 1 won't be doing anything - what was the purpose of the 1?
If you get rid of the ,1 at the end of your plotting command then it will plot in the right colours.

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Cameron Kirk
Cameron Kirk on 12 Dec 2019
Thanks for that, I was trying to mirror a code from someone else, so that one wasn't needed!




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