Why is `struct('name', value)` different with dot notation?

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a = {{'abc'}};
S1 = struct('f', a};
S2.f = a;
I thought S1.f and S2.f have the same value. But it's not.
S1.f = {'abc'};
S2.f = {{'abc'}};

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 13 Dic 2019
It is in the document. Check this example in the document. One creates a 1x2 struct array. The other creates a single struct.
>> s = struct('type',{'big','little'},'color','red')
s =
1×2 struct array with fields:
>> s = struct('type',{{'big','little'}},'color','red')
s =
struct with fields:
type: {'big' 'little'}
color: 'red'


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