How can i make plot with different length vector?

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Alvin Alvin
Alvin Alvin on 16 Dec 2019
Answered: ME on 16 Dec 2019
hello please help me, i have matrix A = 195x1 and A1 = 17675x1, how can i make plot with these?

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Answers (2)

KSSV on 16 Dec 2019
To plot, you are supposed to have dimensions of X and Y equal. Read about interp1. You can do inteprolation and get both the arrays to same dimension.
KSSV on 16 Dec 2019
You need to tell us more about the data.

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ME on 16 Dec 2019
My guess here is that your two arrays (A and A1) represent your Y data. In that case you could simply create two different sized arrays containing the X data. For example, if the two data sets covered the same X range and assuming the points are equally spaced then you could do something like:
X = linspace(minX, maxX, 195);
X1 = linspace(minX, maxX, 17657);
If any of my assumptions about your data are incorrect then let us know and I'm sure me or somebody else can help.


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