How to load data from Simulnik Thermal House example?

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I am trying to make Simulink example Thermal house ( by myself. I did it almpst, but I dont know how to load data from m file. With File - Model Properties - Model Properties- Callbacks - InitFcn, where I put my m file with variables kuca_podaci.m, when I run simulation I got (my file kuca_podaci.m is on the same path where my Model.slx is saved):
Error evaluating 'InitFcn' callback of block_diagram 'Model'.
Caused by:
Undefined variable "kuca_podaci" or class "kuca_podaci.m".
Component: Simulink | Category: Model error
I tried to find some element from Simulink Library Browser, something as input block element from Simulink, but every element has output from it, I dont know where and with what to bind that output?
In tutorial from the beginning of question is not writtern explicitely how they initialized the data. It is only written: "The sldemo_househeat_data.m file initializes data in the model workspace"
Is there some other way to initialize data from m file in Simulink model?

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 6 Jan 2020
Specify the callback as "kuca_podaci". Don't include the ".m" extension.
I G on 7 Jan 2020
Solved, I changed Matlab workspace to workspace where kuca_podaci.m file isstored, and I got answer where it is with this question:
which -all kuca_podaci
Now I have different problem, but I guess it is not connected with this?
The "FixedStepDiscrete" solver cannot be used to simulate block diagram 'Model' because it contains continuous states
Component: Simulink | Category: Model error

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