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Drawing different domain in a single map

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Atique Barudgar
Atique Barudgar il 14 Gen 2020
Commentato: Atique Barudgar il 15 Gen 2020
I want to draw three domain(box shape) of different area over a single region in a map. My lat and lon for different domain are as follows
Domain 1
Lat [-4.4 28.1]
Lon [65.6 98.7]
Domain 2
Lat [14 24]
Lon [80 89]
Domain 3
Lat [20 23]
Lon [85 88]
These three domains are such that one will be inside another.
I want these on topographical map background or texture map.
Please anybode help, I tried but failed.
For reference- I attached one pic file, which is for 3 domain, my map will also look like that but region is different.
Thanks in advance for taking out time.
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Atique Barudgar
Atique Barudgar il 15 Gen 2020
You can understand my question this way also that I want to draw three domain(box) in a single region over a map i.e I am overlapping the things, since each domain is smaller than other one- it will come inside bigger one.
The area of doamin I have given above in respect of lattitude and longitude.
You can understand more by viewing attached pic.
Please Help...

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