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I want to call hand coded C functions from Stateflow and generate code.

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I have a Stateflow model that I am using to generate a state machine that will be integrated into a larger code product being developed in a Linux environment. I want the state blocks to call C functions that are defined in external header files, which I am hand coding. I don't need the Stateflow figure to run in simulation in Matlab. I just want the C code that calls my manual C functions as part of the generated state machine. How do I do this, including what I need to fill in in the "Import Custom Code" section of the model settings?
Currently, I am getting compile errors in Matlab when trying to pull in the custom code, which is including several header files for doing unrelated activities the state machine doesn't need to care about. The manual C code compiles and runs fine on its own.

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Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo il 2 Dic 2021
Hi Seth,
Sounds like you need to configure your custom code for code generation. This help topic might help. Pay particular attention to the section on code generation.


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