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How can I built a database in Matlab?

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Mariana il 18 Gen 2020
Modificato: Mariana il 24 Gen 2020
DATA ------> -------> Output
I am trying to build my own database. I will be filling it with data values from other tables that will be between this ranges.
For example.
(Data from excel or matlab table) I will be reading all rows of a two specific columns. In a for loop read the first column and see if it is between 10 to 20. If it is for example: value 15 and 8. The I will set 1 in the green zone. I could later find the same range of values again in my excel tables then I will put a 2 in that certain position.
Everytime that I fill one of these cells, I would like to print in which region was filled. I would also like to find some statistics from these database. Like, which region is more predominant or what values.
How could I implement this in a smart and clean way?
Is it possible to make in Simulink and observe how this table is being filled up in time in a graphical kind of way?
Data as input:
Just as a test by using this data as input
10 5.5
13 7
13 7
15 8
16 9
20 5
18 5.5
11 6.5
11 6.5
14 7

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Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav il 21 Gen 2020
Hi Mariana,
You can use the Database Toolbox to interactively build your Database and subsequent queries. Kindly go through the following links with similar requirement.
Hope it Helps.
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Mariana il 24 Gen 2020
Modificato: Mariana il 24 Gen 2020
Thanks for your answer, but I dont want to buy the toolbox. I know that I can use the 30 days free trial but I want to use it more than that. Do you any suggestions of how can I do this without this toolbox?

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