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Mark the intersection of two curves in a graph

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Angelavtc il 22 Gen 2020
Risposto: Ankit il 22 Gen 2020
Hello to all!
I wonder if it is possible to mark (graphically) the intersection between two curves that are based on data, therefore, I dont have their equations. To be more precise I will ilustrate my example.
As you can see from the ilustration, there are supply and demand graphs for every season (they have the same color) and I just want to leave visible the supply graphs (or the graphs with the inverse s curve shape) and leave a mark where the demand was crossing.
Is there a way to do this? As I mentioned before, I dont have the equations but just the set of point that once plotted make the curves.
Thanks in advance!

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Ankit il 22 Gen 2020
There are few solutions and answers which you can found in below links:
I would recommend you to search on internet search engine or MATLAB File Exchange (FEX) you will defintely find answers to most of your problem!
All the best


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