How do I use the Simpowersystems Controlled Current Source with Phasor simulation?

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Liam on 9 Oct 2012
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
I'm modelling a 50Hz AC grid with distributed PV generation. The PV will be modelled as a three-phase current source with the injected current controlled by an external signal.
What I need is for the current to be made up of three 50Hz sinewaves with constant phase (120 degrees apart) and frequency but with the amplitudes controlled by the external signal.
I've tried using three simulink CCS blocks to achieve this. In continuous or discrete simulation it generates the correct sinusoidal output when fed by a variable amplitude sinewave.
However, when fed by a sinweave in phasor simulation, the actual magnitude of the phasor appears to vary sinusoidally, whereas for a simulink AC voltage source for example, the result is a constant magnitude phasor.
I've read the CCS block description and it states that for phasor simulation the input signal must be complex, however, this has not solved my problem.
Am I missing something obvious, or does someone know of a better method I could use to achieve the same effect?
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Sev on 18 Feb 2016
Hi I encountered the same problem. I want to use the controlled current source with a complex number (phasor) as input signal to have a output current with phase shift. That was is described in the MATLAB help, but this does not work and I get following error message: Complex signal mismatch. Input port 3 of 'singlephaseinverter/powergui/EquivalentModel1/Sources/Mux' expects a signal of numeric type real. However, it is driven by a signal of numeric type complex
Thanks for help. Severin

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