App designer 'Error starting app' problem

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Jae Heon Kim
Jae Heon Kim on 3 Feb 2020
Commented: Jae Heon Kim on 4 Feb 2020
Now I am making an app with app designer and I tried which is possible to start an app after 'share'. I mean 'mlappinstall'.
I packaged it at the same folder which my m files and sources located.
But this error keep showing even after using 'cd' command.
I've searched but no idea;; Does anyone know the solution???

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Eleanor Betton
Eleanor Betton on 3 Feb 2020
I am not clear on what you have done, is this running compiled?
If so make sure you are using fullfile to define any folder locations.
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Jae Heon Kim
Jae Heon Kim on 4 Feb 2020
I've just put some functions and checked the compile was fine.
I saw everything was fine then did the 'Share' which package the m files and sources.
Then the problem above showed up. I thought the reason was location so I changed by several ways(use 'cd command' 'package in different location' etc...) but it still same X(
This is the screen when I did.

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