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Problem reading h5 file

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Hi All, I have a h5 file (r1s1.h5) for which the original name was manually changed (was 20190809-143113_Walk.h5). Therefore when using hdf5info(r1s1.h5), I get the following werror "Error using hdf5info (line 69)
Could not open file 'Desktop/Data/r1s1.h5'. If I rename teh file to the old name, I can use hd5info whithout probs, but cannot do that for the enormous amount of files I have. Any suggestions about how to read the files when Filename given in hinfo doesnt match the actual file name?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 3 Feb 2020
That particular error message would indicate a permission problem accessing the file, or a dead symbolic link (Yes, NTFS does have symbolic links even if they are obscure).
Unless, that is, you misrepresented the hdfinfo call you used and in your real call you passed in the relative path to the expectedly location of the file, where your example code passes in a file name without any directory information.

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Luis Eduardo Cofré Lizama
Thanks for your answer Walter, actually it was a path issue! When using my script in a loop I didnt realized I added the path to be searched in the hd5info and off course wouldn't find it. Thanks for the eye opening answer.

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