Problems encountered when converting simulink model including look-up table to hdl code

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I want to use hdl coder to make a dds (Direct Digital Synthesis). The screenshot of the simulink model is as follows. The simulation waveform is correct. I can get sine waves with different frequencies by changing the step size. However, when I check the model compatibility before converting to HDl, the following error occurs, so my model cannot be converted to hdl code.
Error:Internal Error: Evaluation of validate function on class hdldefaults.LookupTableND failed with the error message: MATLAB:badsubscript: Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
The error message means indexes go beyond the scope of the lookup table, but I can't figure out. And if I remove the lookup table and replace it with a constant module, I get the same error message.
the simulink model is attached and I use matlab 2015a, please offer me some help.

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stozaki il 7 Mar 2020
please try to use my modified model.

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