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Arduino third party software fails to install on Matlab 2019b version 5

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I'm running 2019b ver5 on a win10 build. I have installed the Arduino IDE software and am trying to install Matlab Support for Arduino Hardware. Each time I try, when the installer tries to install third party software and after I have given admin priviledges to install, I get the following error (see screen shot). What am I not doing correctly?

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Marco Liberatore
Marco Liberatore il 15 Mag 2020
I've just solved it but I'm not sure how... I read on another question of someone who solved the issue just using a faster internet connection while another guy wrote how he solved it disabling the firewall. I don't know wich one effectively worked but I did both and it worked!
Hope this could help someone
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Michael Smith
Michael Smith il 15 Mag 2020
No way! The firewall thing I could see somehow working because that's pretty much on or off. But faster internet.. how would one know when fast is fast enough? I'm in a corporate environment and the internet here is pretty fast. The firewall though is pretty much out of our control. It's more like layers of 12" thick steel plate protecting us from anti-spam filters to virus filters to the classic firewall both on the PC level and at the switch level. Pretty much impossible to work around. That still doesn't explain why it works on 2018b but not on 2019b.
Marco Liberatore
Marco Liberatore il 18 Mag 2020
Maybe it is that kind of firewall that is blocking the installation. But I repeat I'm not sure on what actually worked in my situation but I just acted on these two sides (internet and firewall) avoiding to follow more complicated solutions and, on what I read online, somone else did the same..
Really hope you can find a solution, maybe using a fast as but less protected internet connection than the one you're using in your corporate environment...

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith il 1 Apr 2021
you can refer to the below link which answers a similar question:
For installation support for Arduino packages you may refer to the below documentation link:


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