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Write matrix to a Tab-Delimited text file

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Jake il 16 Mar 2020
Modificato: dpb il 17 Mar 2020
Hello again,
I'm reading certain data from a csv file and I want to write some of the columns of the csv file to a tab delimited text file. So far, I have this;
[n, t, r] = xlsread('file.csv');
A = r(:,1);
L = r(:,5);
B = r(:,6);
M = [A, L, B];
And M is a 10×3 cell array. And it only contains numeric data.
I want to export this data to a tab delimited text file. Since I'm using MATLAB R2017a, I can't use writecell.
Any recommendations, documentations to refer of leads?
Thanks in advance!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 16 Mar 2020
cell2mat(M) after which you can dlmwrite() with tab delimiter.

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dpb il 16 Mar 2020
  1. If are only numeric values in those three columns, then why not use the numeric return values from n instead? Depending on the structure of the spreadsheet, the column numbers may not be 1,5,6, but pick the ones needed instead.
  2. Use dlmwrite('youroutputfile.dat',cell2mat(M),'\t');
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dpb il 16 Mar 2020
Modificato: dpb il 17 Mar 2020
xlsread will return only numeric columns in the first return argument w/o any text...
Jake il 17 Mar 2020
That makes more sense now! I will try this to simplify things. Thank you!

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