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Common reasons for "index exceeds matrix dimension" error?

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Jake il 17 Mar 2020
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Hi everyone,
This is more of a concern than a question, actually. Apologies in advance if this is not appropriate here.
I'm running a particular program and the input is basically a couple hundred txt files. When I first ran the program, it executed everything as desired (more or less). I have changed the input and it worked properly as well.
However, after a couple of turns, I'm running the same program with the input that I used initially and matlab gives an, index exceeds matrix dimension error. I also have cleared the workspace as well.
Are there any possible ideas off the top of your heads for this to happen? Or threads/Documentations that I can refer?
Again, this is only a concern and thus I haven't provided any code or any details. I'm wondering about possible or, maybe, common reasons.
I'd apologize if this wasted your time or something :)
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 17 Mar 2020
Is it possible that you have overwritten files or maybe some of them are now empty?
Jake il 17 Mar 2020
Good point. I replaced the input files when I was trying out different sets of inputs. But I was using the same set of files(inputs) which I used initially.
Thank you. I will try starting over with newer files as well.

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