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certificates from self-paced courses not loading

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Brian Hackett
Brian Hackett il 25 Mar 2020
Risposto: Uday Pradhan il 11 Gen 2021
Trying to view certificates for both Matlab and Simulink onramp courses. when i click on the view/share Certificate link, all i see is a small box with an X inside. when i click on settings, i get options. how can i get my certifcates.
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Cesare Vergori
Cesare Vergori il 3 Dic 2020
Same! Have Someone resolved? I also try to turn off AdBlock but nothing

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Yasir Muhammad
Yasir Muhammad il 11 Gen 2021
turn off all ad blockers and then refresh the page

Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 11 Gen 2021
Hi Brian,
I have a few suggestions for you which may help:
  1. Use a different browser
  2. Do a hard refresh of the MATLAB academy home page and try again.
  3. If these options dont work, try these links:
If the release dont match with your courses, these certificates will show 0% progress. Of course, you need to log -in to you MathWorks account first. I hope this helps!


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