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I am using R2019b Update 3 on a linux box. My figures have everything under edit from "undo" to "delete" grayed out. I can't use them in gui. Key strokes don't work either.
So I found:
This produces the following from matlab:
h =
2×1 Line array:
Error using hgexport
First argument must be a handle to a figure.
Do I have something setup wrong in the install? Ho come I cannot copy a figure? I can export setup as a jpg file of the figure.
Thanks in advance.
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Matthew Merritt
Matthew Merritt on 8 Apr 2020
Thank you darova for making this much easier to read.

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Accepted Answer

matquest on 8 Apr 2020
h is the variable name, not the handle. To get the handle of the current figure you can do:
h_handle = gcf; % get current figure
hgexport(h_handle, '-clipboard');
For more general cases, see the accepted answer to this question: How do I get the handles of all open figures in MATLAB
matquest on 8 Apr 2020
@Matthew Merrit I think you're right! I just tried it on my linux box and got the same error. How disappointing. If you step into the hgexport function, the first thing is a call to ispc.m - which returns 0 if you're not running on a pc. I wonder if there are platform-specific system calls in the 'undo', 'delete', etc. callback functions and that's why the buttons are greyed out...
There's probably some other workaround, but I don't know what it'd be off the top of my head.

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