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How can I read and extract Fill Value from netcdf file

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I really thanks someone tell me how can I extract fill value, I used following comment it doesn't work. Thanks in advance.
FillValue = ncreadatt (ncfilename, 'PRES', 'FillValue_');
nc {'PRES'}. FillValue_ = ncfloat (99999);

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BN il 9 Apr 2020
Try this:
I assume that the name of your NetCDF is filename
vinfo = ncinfo(filename) % You can see the struct now
Fill_v = vinfo.Variables.FillValue % extract fill value
Also you can read more here
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Farshid Daryabor
Farshid Daryabor il 9 Apr 2020
Dear Behzad,
Thanks for your valuable comment, I have already fix it as follow,
FillValue = ncreadatt (ncfilename, 'PRES', '_FillValue');

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