Cannot connect to ROS master running on mi PC from raspberry pi

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ERROR: Unable to communicate with master!
I am using Matlab 2019B and I have installed Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 in mi Raspberry Pi 3 board. The thing is that I create a ros master on mi PC and I try to connect to it from my Raspberry pi and it gives mi this error.
PC ip :
Raspberry Pi IP =
To create Matlab master on mi pc I use:
then I open a communication terminal using :
r = raspberrypi('','pi','raspberry');
then trough this terminal I oppened I type:
$ source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
$ export ROS_MASTER_URI=
$ rostopic echo /rosout
This las one is to subscribe to the topic /rosout that the matlab master creates when using rosinit.
This is when I get the error.
ERROR: Unable to communicate with master!
I thought it could be a firmware problem but when I ping mi rspberry from mi PC there is no problem and neither the other way.
I apreciated if anyone could help me
thanks in advance.

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Tohru Kikawada
Tohru Kikawada il 2 Giu 2020
Please try to set the following environment variable on your Raspberry Pi as disscussed here.
$ export ROS_HOSTNAME= # Raspberry Pi's IP address. This should be reached from your PC


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