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Matlab 2020 installation freezes

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Matlab 2020 installation without any extras lasts more than 12 hours. My third attempt and it goes by 63%. Why is so slow? My computer is fine, no firewall, antivirus ok, hard disk, network at 300Mbps, everythings ok.
Any ideas?

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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar on 24 Apr 2020
Please contact Installation and Licensing Support:
Submit a service request using the link below. Please include the troubleshooting steps you took to resolve the connection issue.
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Miguel del Pino González
Miguel del Pino González on 24 Apr 2020
Thanks, finally I select only Matlab and after 6 hours it ended. It seems a network delay or maybe related. Anyway, it ended. Thanks

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Aditya Mittal
Aditya Mittal on 24 Apr 2020
1. Your system may have gone into 'Sleep' mode during the download process.
Check the power settings on your system. If you walked away from your system during the installation, and your computer went into 'sleep' mode, this will disrupt the process and you will not be able to continue with the installation without completely stopping it and then starting the installer again. The installer is designed to prevent the system from going into 'sleep' mode, but some systems may still go into 'sleep' mode if you are not interacting with the system for a long period of time while the installer is running.
2. You receive an Unexpected or Unknown error installing a toolbox into an existing installation.
If the pathdef.m was manually modified or edited this error may occur during the download portion of the installation regardless of using the downloaded installation files or installer. Run the following commands in MATLAB then try the installation again:




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