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How to print the string value using fprintf

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a = (aa bb cc dd)
for ion = 1: 1: length (a)
and some lines of code
then later i have some functionality
p = a (ion);
Results if i use
fprintf ( "% 10s" , p);
error: fprintf: wrong type argument 'cell'
suppose if i use
disp (p)
[1,1] = aa
I just want the 'aa' as the output using fprintf only
How do i do that? Kindly help.

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Rik il 22 Apr 2020
The error message explains what is going on: you are trying to use a cell as input to fprintf. fprintf will not 'unpack' that for you, so you'll have to do it on your own:
fprintf ( "% 10s" , p{1});
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Stephen23 il 23 Apr 2020
Modificato: Stephen23 il 23 Apr 2020
"...i wanted to know if there are other ways of representing it."
There is no "representing" occuring, it is simply the MATLAB syntax for accessing the contents of a cell array:

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