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Confusion Metrics Plottings Causing An Error

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Matpar il 6 Mag 2020
Hi all,
I am uncertain of the way forward and require some direction to move onward with my metrics plans!
I am trying to plot the score and labels of the confusion metrics but unsure of the right procedures and values to use. I have been reading the documents and still i need a push to understanding what are the values that is required. I am confused please assist?
I have a data set which is splitted into MyTrain and MyTest
I tried the following but Matlab is constantly arguing and I am sure that I am the cause;
[PredlabelIdx, predscore] = predict(categoryClassifier,MyTest);
predlabs = categoryClassifier.Labels(labelIdx')
ConfusionM_Chart = confusionchart(PredlabelIdx,predscore)

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