how to export figure to completely vector format with patch plot?

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I need to export my figure to vector format for publishing, but it is a probelem that the figure, which is vector format in screen, convert to raster format.
I have tried to use following methods.
  1. print(h_fig, '-painters', '-dpdf', 'print_painters.pdf')
  2. export_fig exp_painters.pdf -painters
  3. export_fig exp_q.pdf -q101Expert_fig
There is the shortcut figure for above.
Unfortunately, the problem is still exist. It may be a question in here:
% p = patch(X,Y,f,'EdgeColor','none','LineStyle','-');
p = patch(X,Y,f);
% shading interp
% S.FaceVertexCData = [0;0;0;0];
% set(p,'LineStyle','none:')
Thanks in advance !

Answers (1)

Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 16 Jun 2020
There is a MATLAB File exchange function “export_fig” submitted here that might be of help to you.
Hope this helps!




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