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How to programmatically add a block from Audio Toolbox to Simulink?

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I have added a Simulink "In File" block programmatically:
add_block('simulink/Sinks/To File',...)
How do I add a block from Audio Toolbox?
I tried
add_block('Audio Toolbox/Sources/From Multimedia File',..)
but it fails with "There is no block named 'Audio Toolbox/Sources/From Multimedia File'".

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Cristian Garcia Milan
Cristian Garcia Milan il 22 Mag 2020
In order to add a block you shouldn't look at the library name because its file could be named differently. This is that case.
You should point:
'dspvision/From Multimedia File'
If you want to add any block, you can check its real source by selecting it and in the command window executing
Except if the block comes from built-in, in that case you should look at the
Hope it helps.
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Cristian Garcia Milan
Cristian Garcia Milan il 25 Mag 2020
You should use get(gcbh) while you have the block that you want. You will see all its properties as simulink block. At the end, there are some parameters that you can modify. At the left you will see the property name, and at the right its value. Using
Danijel Domazet
Danijel Domazet il 26 Mag 2020
This works, thanks.
Just selecting a block in Simulink, then go back to MATLAB command line and execute:
This gives all the info about the block, including parameter names.
Nor sure why is this info not documented.

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