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input is not supported for code generation

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Hello everyone,
I’m wondering if the input function issue was resolved with new matlab version; is there a way to work around it.
But really the method didn’t work for me.
Here a simple script trying to convert it to c then to iphone app, but I get this message " input is not supported for code generation"
function treadmill(~)
x = input ('Enter treadmill speed: ');
Speed_Conversion = 60/x;
extracting = fix(Speed_Conversion);
minutes_to_seconds = 10*rem(Speed_Conversion ,1);
seconds = minutes_to_seconds/60;
final = seconds + extracting;
I appreciate your help in advance

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Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat il 27 Mag 2020
The below page gives link to the list of supported functions for C / C++ code generation :
Unfortunately "input" is not yet supported for code-generation.
I found a similar workflow question asked before, please check if the work-around suggested is helpful for you :

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