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Picking the right combination from the arrays

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I have 4 arrays, two combinations of Nwell and Pwell voltages of Transistor 1 and Transistor 2
For transistor 1
vnw_1 =
0.00000 0.90000
vpw_1 =
-1.8000 -1.2000
So we define as (Vn, Vp) as (0.00000, -1.8000) and another (0.90000, -1.2000) these are the combination respectively.
for transistor 2
vnw_2 =
0.90000 0.00000
vpw_2 =
-1.20000 0.20000
Similarly we have (Vn, Vp) as (0.90000, -1.2000) and another (0.00000, 0.20000)
we can see that (0.90000, -1.2000) is common in T1 and T2.
I want to get the common voltage as the output
Answer (0.90000, -1.2000)
How do i do that? There is nothing linked to the concepts of transistors, just i need that combination as the output. How do i do that? Please help me

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David Hill
David Hill il 27 Mag 2020
Not sure how you are getting your data. Generally, you would not want to use so many variables but rather index into a single variable.
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Rik il 28 Mag 2020
Please stop double-posting.
Ganesh Kini
Ganesh Kini il 28 Mag 2020
@Rik Just wanted to know different approaches to solve the issue.
Thanks for the help it works fine

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