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Replacement for the function containers.Map()

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Ganesh Kini
Ganesh Kini il 10 Giu 2020
Hi All,
Hope you are doing good.
I was doing some project, I found out a function called containers.Map() and it works fine according to the logic.
I wanted to know if there is a alternative to that function ? could you please help me out ?
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Ganesh Kini
Ganesh Kini il 10 Giu 2020
Modificato: Ganesh Kini il 10 Giu 2020
I understand what you are saying. but for now since i need to get results rather the approach. So i guess case statements would work right? atleast for my problem that i am facing
Rik il 10 Giu 2020
Yes, if you know all possible keys and values you can hard-code them with a switch like you described.

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Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria il 7 Mag 2021
You can move forward by implementing your own map data structure with getters, setters and a hash function.
Otherwise, you might hardcode the data structure if all the key value pairs are known beforehand.
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Rik il 7 Mag 2021
As I mentioned in this comment, I don't think a hash function is actually required. Using ismember is probably faster.

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