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Motor Control Blockset examples: Using variant source block

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a Variant source block is used in 'mcb_pmsm_operating_mode_f28379d.slx' model example to switch betwen SIMulation mode and CODE-generation mode. Inside Varian source block, there are two variables: mcb_isCodeGenVar() and mcb_isSimVar().
Could you please tell me where and how are those variables set? When the model decides what mode is to be chosen? Do I have to play with a Variant manager?


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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 11 Jun 2020
Those are functions, not variables. They are p-coded M-Files that are shipped with the example. Type the following to see where the files exist:
who mcb_isCodeGenVar


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Petr Kadanik
Petr Kadanik on 11 Jun 2020
Perfect. Thanks.
So, mcb_isCodeGenVar() function (and associated p-file) is a specific item of MotorControl Toolbox. Please, confirm.
Is there any document with the list and of those 'integrated' functions for the MC toolbox (including a function description and applicability)?
Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 11 Jun 2020
Yes, those two functions are part of the Motor Control Toolbox. Neither of these two functions are currently documented in MATLAB Help. I'll add a change request to have them added to the help documentation.

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