Problem Importing Text File into TimeTable

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Hello, so I'm still pretty new to Matlab and I have a problem that I have no idea how to begin to solve. I want to import this text file that I have into a Time Table. However, the dates in the text file are seperated by colons (ex. Date(dd:mm:yyyy), Time(hh:mm:ss) ). I haven't been able to figure out how to tell MATLAB to recognize that the colons represent the day, month, and year. I'll attach my file too, just so you can see the format of it. Any help will do, thanks!

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Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen il 30 Giu 2020
Modificato: Eric Sofen il 2 Lug 2020
Because the second variable is uses ":" as a separator, it is being treated as a duration by default. I would recommend using importOptions to specify that it is a datetime and set the format. This should get you something more useful:
opts = detectImportOptions("~/Downloads/ShortTextFile.txt","VariableNamesLine",3);
opts = setvaropts(opts,"Date_dd_mm_yyyy_","Type","datetime","InputFormat","dd:MM:yyyy")
t = readtable("~/Downloads/ShortTextFile.txt",opts);
t.Time = t.Date_dd_mm_yyyy_ + t.Time_hh_mm_ss_;
tt = table2timetable(t,'RowTimes','Time')

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Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti il 15 Giu 2020
The following MATLAB Answer might be of help to you:
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Forrest Ward
Forrest Ward il 15 Giu 2020
Thank you for replying, but that link does not really answer my question.

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