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How to change the number of digits over 15.

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Hello! Can anyone help me with the number of digits? I need to set it over 15, around 40 or so. I know the vpa command can help but i cannot unerstand it that well. Is there any way to set the number to 40 for all operations in the workplace. Thank you very much

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig il 27 Nov 2012
Modificato: Matt Fig il 27 Nov 2012
digits = 40; % Only works if you have the symbolic toolbox
But this only applies to symbolic variables. You cannot get more than 16 or so digits out of double values by definition.
N = 10/3;
isa(N,'double') % Yes, N is a double.
Ns = vpa(N)
isa(Ns,'sym') % Yes, Ns is a sym.

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Lazaros Moysis
Lazaros Moysis il 27 Nov 2012
Ok i get it, thank you very much


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