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fopen status for serial objects

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C3145 on 18 Jun 2020
Commented: C3145 on 18 Jun 2020
Using R2016a, I'd like to nicely deal with fopen(serial) errors rather than the command window barf at me.
Normal syntax for fopen() includes [fileID,errmsg] = fopen(___)
But the serial version of the command using an object doesn't appear to return anything unless it errors.
>> obj1 = instrfind('Type', 'serial', 'Port', port, 'Tag', '');
>> set(obj1, 'BaudRate', 115200, 'Timeout', 1, 'Terminator','LF');
>> fopen(obj1)
Note that fopen just happened without saying it worked.
Now, I'll open a TeraTerm session to COM5 and try again...
>> fopen(obj1)
Error using serial/fopen (line 72)
Open failed: Cannot connect to the COM5 port. Possible reasons are another
application is connected to the port or the port does not exist.
As expected. But... how do I deal with these messages programmatically?
>> [fileID,errmsg] = fopen(obj1)
Error using serial/fopen
Too many output arguments.
Nope. Argggg.

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 18 Jun 2020
Could you use a try catch block to try to open the serial object and then, if there is an error, take the appropriate action given the exception?
obj1 = instrfind('Type', 'serial', 'Port', port, 'Tag', '');
set(obj1, 'BaudRate', 115200, 'Timeout', 1, 'Terminator','LF');
catch ME
fprintf('Could not open serial object because of %s\n', ME.identifier);
if strcmp(ME.identifier,'<some error identifier>')
fprintf('Handling exception for %s\n', ME.identifier);
% perform the appropriate action
fprintf('Unhandled exception for %s\n', ME.identifier);
The '<some error identifier>' would be the error (or errors) that you are interested in.
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C3145 on 18 Jun 2020
Perfect. Thank you.
I'm a bit new to this and will dig into the docs on try/catch.

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