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Change labels positions for pie chart

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Harry Hoyos Plazas
Harry Hoyos Plazas il 26 Giu 2020
Risposto: Tommy il 27 Giu 2020
Hello, I need change this superposition that happen with those percentages, I hope you can say me how to move them to other way for avoid that problem if it can be posible.
Thank you so much

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Tommy il 27 Giu 2020
One option:
Another option is to grab the handles returned by pie() and manipulate the labels (e.g. move them, rotate them, make them smaller). A crude example:
handles = pie([.1 .1 3 5 10]);
text_handles = handles(2:2:end);
text_handles(1).Position = text_handles(1).Position + [-0.15 -0.02 0];
text_handles(2).Position = text_handles(2).Position + [0.1 0 0];


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