remove first value that appears after sequence of NaNs

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In my dataset, the first value that appears after a sequence of NaNs needs be removed. This removed value also need to be made NaN so that I dont consider in further anlaysis. I have attached the example dataset for your reference, I have colored some of those value to be removed in red.
I highly appreciate your help.

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Star Strider il 28 Giu 2020
Try this:
D = readmatrix('example_data.xlsx');
R01 = strfind(isnan(D(:,1)).', [1 0]); % Find Indices Of [0 1] Transitions
Out = D; % Duplicate Original Matrix In 'Out'
Out(R01+1,:) = NaN; % Replace Appropriate Values With 'NaN'
This appears to do what you want on the rows that I checked. It assumes that the NaN values are the same rows in both columns, since they appear to be in the posted file. The ‘Out’ matrix is the output of the code.

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