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i just installed matlab and simulink,windows 2020a version.when i open it works slow and the laptop hangs.why?my laptop is new (8gb ram)

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the application is not working properly and is slow.why?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 2 Lug 2020
I recommend that you use the GeForce Experience program which will automatically notify you of driver updates and permit you to install them.

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Duijnhouwer il 30 Giu 2020
Have you tried turning your computer off and on again?
Check what programs/processes are keeping your computer busy. For example on Windows press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Task Manager
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Duijnhouwer il 3 Lug 2020
that you get an error running bench is suspicious. I would uninstall Matlab, make sure your windows, Java, and graphics drivers are fully up to date and install again.

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