How to make the doc visible in the file exchange after git hub connexion ?

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After I connected my mesh_processing_toolbox, to Git hub its documentation is no longer visible in the "Examples" tab (it was before).
I didn't change anything, to the package.
Anyone know how I could fix this. The documentation matters.
Thank you for help.
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Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 9 Lug 2020
To answer the question : after looking at the other file exchange contributors I figured out it has to be in .mlx format.
I still have to try, and will be back here to validate.
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Rik il 9 Lug 2020
I really hope this answer is not correct. I can't add a .mlx placeholder to my submissions, because mlx has a higher precedence level than m.
And it contradicts the FEX documentation, but that might just be a lack of updating.
Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 15 Ago 2020
Modificato: Nicolas Douillet il 15 Ago 2020
Ok Rik, so I did it here for example.
I named it my_function_name_ls.mlx as you can see.
This way I have not a doc, but some illustrated examples, let's say. The doc is however well included in the package as you can see in the Github.
The only thing is that in the examples tab I have in first position this file with my function name and no preview available.

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Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 24 Set 2020
Ok, I actually still have the same problem (preview not available for documentations one connected to Github).
My live scripts are visible, but they are not equivalent to file documentation.
Thank you for any help / tip.
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Rik il 24 Set 2020
I have made a Mathworks employee aware of this issue when I happened to have contact, and I'm sure that person has forwarded that bug-report to the appropriate team. My personal estimate is that it will take until the next big update to the FEX until it is solved.

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