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Confusion implementing chebyshev type 2 band pass filter in matlab

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ABTJ on 11 Jul 2020
Commented: Haseeb Ahmed on 28 Apr 2021
I want to implement chebyshev type 2 band pass filter in matlab;actually i am not getting band pass oytput,output looks like low pass
My code is below
% Design a band pass Chebyshev Type II filter using analog prototyping. The
% order of filter is 20 with a value of 60 dB stop band attenuation and 0.75 dB pass band
% ripple where,
% Pass band edge = 800 Hz
% Stop band edge = 2000 Hz
% Sampling frequency = 6000
clc; close all; clear all;
Rp = 0.75; Rs = 60;
fp = 800;
fs = 2000;
Fs = 6000;
fn = Fs/2; % nyquist frequency
wp = fp/fn; % Pass band corner frequency
ws = fs/fn; % Stop band corner frequency
[n,Wn] = cheb2ord(wp,ws,Rp,Rs);
[num,den] = cheby2(20,Rs,Wn);
I have also attached snapshot of output which shows that output frequency plot looks like low pass,
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Haseeb Ahmed
Haseeb Ahmed on 28 Apr 2021
Just use cheby2 commands by putting cut off frequiencies in square box, and your issue will be solved.

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Answers (1)

Haseeb Ahmed
Haseeb Ahmed on 28 Apr 2021
Edited: Haseeb Ahmed on 28 Apr 2021
[b,a] = cheby2 (10,Rs, [wp ws],'bandpass');
Use the above mentioned command, it will provide a band pass responce. Square brakets must have two cut off frequencies.
clc; clear all; close all;
fp = 800; %pass band edge
fs = 2000; %stop band edge
Rp = 0.75; % pass band ripple
Rs = 60; % stop band attenuation
fsampling = 6000; % sampling frequency
wp=2*fp/fsampling ; % convert to radians per second
ws=2*fs/fsampling ; % convert to radians per second
n = 10 ; % order always 2n for band pass
[b,a] = cheby2 (10,Rs, [wp ws],'bandpass');%designs a lowpass, highpass, bandpass,
% or bandstop Chebyshev Type II filter, depending on the value of ftype
% and the number of elements of Ws. The resulting bandpass and bandstop designs
% are of order 2n.
freqz(b,a) %frequency response of digital filter

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