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Drawing colored line segments in a 3d plot

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I have code that produces quite nice looking 3d graphs showing line segments.
Currently, i can make the points at the end of each line segment match each other- but i can't work out how to make the line segment match the points at its ends.
A = rand(6,50);
%create 3d points to be graphed
startv = [A(:,1),A(:,3),zeros(length(A),1)];
endv = [A(:,2),A(:,5),A(:,4)];
%I want to use the vector endv to determine the colour of the lines/points
%to make the graph clearer; so i am going to create a color vector by
%transforming it
figure;hold on
h = plot3([startv(:,1)';endv(:,1)'],...
this graph illustrates the above; in this case some data is being displayed (and this means one variable is always close to 100), but i think it would be easier to understand if the lines were the same colour as their ends

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 13 Lug 2020
If you call plot3 in a loop, you can plot one line at a time with colorv. Something like (untested)
for k = 1 : size(startv, 1)
[startv(k,3)';endv(k,3)'], '.-',...
'LineWidth', 2, 'Color', colorv(k,:), 'MarkerSize', 30);

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