how to read NASA AMES FORMAT data

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SChow on 14 Jul 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 16 Jul 2020
I havea data with '.nas' extension (NASA AMES FORMAT). Is there a way to read it. I tried readtable and dlmread. None would work.
Please see the data attached as .zip
an update: see the solution in 'answers'
SChow on 14 Jul 2020
Thanks but sorry, textscan couldnot read it.
Can you show how textscan is able to read this data?

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Accepted Answer

SChow on 14 Jul 2020
Matlab cannot read .nas files, so one needs rename the .nas files to .txt (or similarly suitable extensions), and then read the .txt files using textscan
See below for an example
datacell = textscan(FID, '%f%f%f%f', 'HeaderLines', 53, 'CollectOutput', 1); %%%removing the first 53 lines that are headers
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jul 2020
no, when you fopen you can give any file name. fopen does not use the file name to identify the type of the file in any way.

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